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We are thrilled to announce an additional service to be offered at our 2022 Vermont Retreat. As an optional add-on for $225, our yoga instructors Tiffany June and Giulia Pline will offer 135-minute private sessions which will include a 15-minute body reading, 60 minutes of bodywork, and a 60-minute individual yoga session. This personalized offering will not only bring union of mind, body, and spirit, but it will offer a greater understanding of the musician's relationship to his or her instrument.


The body reading - a survey of the musician's body as a whole - would expose potential imbalances which may be the root of any pain or tightness. Tiffany will then address these issues in the bodywork session, working with cross-fiber friction, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy along with Swedish massage to create true bodily change. Finally, a personalized yoga session with Giulia will improve mobility, stability, and greater integration around the changes made muscularly and fascially with Tiffany.

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