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For Intermission’s 2024 Retreat, the type of yoga we will explore is vinyasa (flow-style) yoga with an emphasis on creativity and alignment, guided by and flowing with the breath. Our instructors have strong backgrounds in anatomy, conscious embodiment, biomechanics, and injury prevention, all of which intersect with the requirements of being active practicing, performing musicians.


Chloë and Katy prioritize the safety of the human body, ensuring longevity within one’s yoga practice as well as overall health and wellness. Because of their in-depth knowledge of the way muscles work, they emphasize constructive movements, joint angles, and bone alignment, and encourage students to take responsibility for their bodies. Furthermore, they understand that each body is different — our bodies are an accumulation of all of the things that we do and don't do in life — so our instructors teach to each individual body, making them uniquely qualified to instruct musicians (many whom have spent their entire lives literally growing around their instruments!). They are able to modify postures and instructions for injuries, muscle weakness or overdevelopment, instability, or any other specifications, dispelling the myth that yoga is only for a specific body type or that postures should look a certain way.

Regardless of your yoga experience level, state of physical fitness, or musical instrument/discipline, you will be able to find your place and peace within this thoughtful, healing practice. 

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